Our architecture studio class is designing a middle school and at the beginning of the semester we brainstormed about ways in which to finish this sentence: “A school is/has…” Each student read thirty responses on camera and those nine voices now live together in a virtual drive, even as we have dispersed to Canada, New Hampshire, Chicago, Boston, New Jersey, Florida with a couple of us remaining in New York.
Who knew those little videos would become so precious. In the background I can hear the hubbub of studio getting started, desks arranged and various possessions dragged in, gearing up for a few weeks together producing (I like to think), their best project yet. Now we’ll all meet again on my screen, little windows into their workspaces at home, domestic soundscapes in the background.
Can I drive? Sitting in front of a student’s computer I might grab the mouse and orbit around a drawing or click on an item that has come up in a search, and the technology is there to do the same now but I won’t. New work will join those little videos in our virtual drive, and it is there that we will all meet from our respective private viewing windows.